A Lesson in Listening

December 15, 2008

I’m doing this in light of the fact I shoud be studying for a  Media Ethics final, but I’d rather not….it’s too unethical to study for ethics.  Anyways…

When somneone tells you to “listen up”, one would generally associate it with hearing what they’re gonna say.  Then how could a deaf person ever “listen up” if they can’t hear.  Well you don’t hear to listen…listening is something that can be done with all five (or six) senses.  Listening is simply understanding what is going on.

Let’s take someone who speaks only Swahili and tell him to hear what we say.  He’ll never be able to listen to what we say…he only hears sounds dissociated with his language of comprehension.

Now, a deaf man is in a forest.  He hears nothing, but sees trees swaying.  He therefore has listened with his eyes, though he never heard the sounds of the breeze in the trees.  If a blind man touches the trees, he can feel the swaying of the tree, therefore, the blind man has listened to the feel of the tree and understood that it was swaying in the wind.

If you blindfold yourself and eat sugar, you listen to the taste and understand it’s sugar.  If you smell a pizza, you know it’s a pizza.  Without any object or idea that you have nothing to associate with, you will never be able to comprehend, and therefore, never be able to completely “listen” to it.

I’ve lived my life hearing people say “God never speaks to me…he never tells something”.  If someone knew how to truly listen, they would understand that God is always speaking to them, but not necessarily using words, and if you’ve seen Dogma, you would understand that if God spoke directly to you, you’re head would explode into millions of pieces.  God has been speaking to you since the day you were born, but without being able to understand the road he has laid out for you, you would never figure out that he has been speaking to you.

As a catholic, I was always told that creationism is the only way the earth was created. Seven days, seven nights…the whole nine yards.  Ehh….maybe.  As a skeptic, I have reason to beleive in evolution, natural selection, and so on and so forth.  These two paths have never been accepted as maybe being coordinated in some way, and I’m not saying they are, but that can’t generally be ruled out.  God has used this as a way to tesst your faith in him.  If you beleive in evolution, you’re not neccessarily anti-christ, but it’s more about thinking outside the religious box.

So, in closing, i don’t beleive entirely in coincidence.  I believe in coincidence with a purpose.  God laid out something, and it’s my job to understand what he’s trying to tell me


It’s finally over

November 5, 2008

The political campaigns are finally over.  Now we can relax for a few months before they start advertising for the next presidential nominee..

1. We are the BEST drivers in the world. When it comes to winter blizzards and driving, we are the experts. Minnesotans…the only people willing to risk their lives for a gallon of milk during a blizzard.

2. The change of seasons. This means something different to everyone…from winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to fall, fall back to winter….you know the drill. Not only is this really nice, but it also seems to piss us off at the same time. Minnesotans…bipolar???

3. The cold winters. The temperatures in the winter are enough to keep bugs and allergies at bay…along with the annoying southerners from Florida and Texas. Minnesotans….Xenophobes?

4. Being in the Midwest. Yes, Minnesota is the greatest state in the Midwest, simply because Iowa is corny (bad pun), the Dakotas really need to be only one state, Chicago, Illinois has two teams named after the same animal (Bears, Cubs…lame!!!), and Wisconsin…well, we all know about the Packers…and the Brewers….and the basketball team, whose name is escaping me right now. Minnesotans…Conceded???

5. The Minnesota Twins and Vikings. Yes, the best part of Minnesota. A team that celebrates our rich Scandinavian heritage (though I’ve heard the Vikings are originally from Denmark), and the team that celebrates the simple fact that the two biggest cities in the state are right next to each other. The Twins won two World Series, 1987 and 1991 and have come so close since then…go them!!! The Vikings…..ummm, I’ll get back to you on that. Minnesotans….mildly depressed or in denial???

To those of us that are Minnesota Vikings fans, we are able to enjoy many perks of being so.

1. We are able to wear the color purple, despite how “femmy” it may look, and not be called gay.

2. When the Vikings win a game, we are able to rejoice and look forward to next week’s game against some team that’s done far worse than us all season…..only to be beaten by them….in the most ridiculous way.

3. We get the joy of saying “We had Randy Moss first.” We also have the joy of saying “We had Tarvaris Jackson first.”

4. The Vikings have are tied for third with the most super bowl visits….and also have the most Super Bowl losses.

5. Bud Grant….and Mike Tice

6. Dennis Green was fired from our franchise (only had one losing season) and went to turn around the Arizona Cardinals to a somewhat competitive team, where we haven’t had a playoff season since he left.

7. The Gophers get their own football stadium, and if the Vikings ever get their own stadium, we have to play in the Gophers stadium until it’s done…much like the Gophers are doing now.

8. 1998 and 1999 rocked…..why did 2000 have to come?

9. at least our division sucks….just like us

10. We can tease Packer fans after the Pack loses a game…which they rarely lose against the Vikings….ouch!

Is college worth it??

September 16, 2008

$3,000-$30,000 a semester, depending on school



Having a screwed up back for the rest of your life because that’s how you get educated:
heavy bag


What if…

July 23, 2008

What if Brett Favre joined the Minnesota Vikings? It could be fairly sweet considering he helped the Green Bay Packers win two super bowls, broke 4 records last (I saw the 421st touchdown pass in person), won three consecutive AP MVP, and has managed to go into retirement 3 times, and cam back out within the short amount of time the offseason has to offer.

Minnesota Viking fans have been booing the name “Brett Favre” for the last 16 years.  But now with the possibility that he may join the Vikings, who’s name will the fans have to boo now.   The best part about all of this is that the Viking and Packers face each other for season-opener at Lambeau Field on Monday Night Football.  Could this get any better.

If Brett does join the Vikings, the Vikes will go 17-2, all the way to the bowl, winning said bowl might be a different story.  With T-Jack in front, Vikings will go 13-3, losing in the first or second round of the play-offs to the wild-card team.  No need to change what’s happened the last seven seasons.


This is a video I made as a project for my German class last semester